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Are Blood Pressure and Dentistry Related?

Are Blood Pressure and Dentistry Related?

Blood pressure plays a large role in how your dental visit will play out. Blood pressure readings are important in determining the type of local anesthetic chosen for your dental injection. If high blood pressure (hypertension) is detected, your dental professional...

How quickly can I straighten my teeth?

More quickly than you may have thought! With Six Month Smiles, you tell us what your main concern is with your smile (crowded teeth, spaced teeth, etc) and that’s what we’ll work to achieve! Simple, straightforward, and discreet– tooth-colored brackets and wire are...

Crowded front teeth? We can help!

Crowded front teeth? We can help!

Are your front teeth crowded or protruding? If so, Dr. Yap may recommend Inman aligners to help you straighten your upper and lower front teeth only in 6 to 18 weeks. Over time, your teeth will move and crowding can worsen, resulting in uneven wear. This wear can also...




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