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Our Community Outreach and Support for Our Neighbors
Dr. Yap and his team bring you their perspective on dentistry, wellness, and health!

May 10 is Root Canal Day

May 10 is Root Canal Day to draw attention to a procedure that can help many patients save their natural teeth and reduce decay of the tooth. Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save...

April is Oral Health Month

What's the best way to make an impact on your overall health? Easy- it's by practicing good oral care! Start by regularly scheduling your hygiene and yearly exams, which will help identify issues before they become bigger challenges. These exams also include oral...

Happy Birthday, Dr. Chen!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Chen!

Happy birthday to our very own and very special Dr. Chen! I’m sure she wants us to tell you she’s turning 25 this year…So let just say she’s turning 25. We think it's a blessing to be able to celebrate Dr. Chen’s birthday at the Bungalow Kitchen in Long Beach for...




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