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Six Month Smiles

You shouldn’t have to wait two years for straight teeth.
With us you won’t!

Why wait for straight teeth?

Give us six months and we’ll transform your smile!

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What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a clear braces system designed to straighten your teeth in about 6 months – right in our office! We use clear braces and tooth-colored wires to discreetly move your teeth into alignment so you can smile confidently! 

Six Month Smiles is also generally less expensive than traditional braces or clear aligners due to shorter treatment times and more focused results. 


Get A Great Smile For Your Upcoming Important Events

Have an event coming up that you’d love to have a beaming smile of straight pearly whites for? Six Month Smiles is THE solution to get you smiling in about 6 months. 

You tell us what your main concern is with your smile (crowded teeth, spaced teeth, etc) – and that’s what we’ll work to achieve! Simple, straightforward, and discreet.  We believe everyone should smile with confidence, and Six Month Smiles is a great way to get you grinning fast!


While the cost of Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than traditional braces and aligners, it varies depending on your specific treatment goals.

For most patients, it will be a $5,000 total case fee.

This includes photos, x-rays, impressions, one set of bonded and clear retainers, one set of whitening trays, and four tubes of gel.


Your dental insurance may cover x-rays, and limited orthodontic treatment, such as
Six Month Smiles.

Details should be reviewed with our dental office, and we encourage you to ask our treatment coordinator for more information during your initial consultation.


Our clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are discreet and almost unnoticeable at the surface.

No matter the distance, they appear almost invisible to the human eye mid-conversation or just walking by.

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melissa before and after with 6 mo smiles
John before and after with 6 mo smiles

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Questions? Give us a call or stop in!

We’d love to go over any details you’d like to know – as well as get you in to speak to Dr. Yap and Dr. Chen for your free consultation. 

We’ll be able to tell you if you’re a candidate for Six Month Smiles, go over before and after photos of cases we’ve achieved in the past,
and we
can even get you started that day if you choose! 

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We offer

Personalized Care Tailored to Each Family Member’s Needs.

Whether you’re a new patient or have been a part of our dental family for years, we strive to give you the most comprehensive options for your oral health care needs. 

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

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Family & Pediatric Dentistry

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Preventative Care

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Patient Resources

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Family Dentistry

Whether your teen wants to forgo traditional metal braces for custom sets of Inman Clear Aligners, to applying gentle root canal treatments or caring for problematic teeth, our family at Andrew Yap, DDS treats you like one of our own when you see us for your six month appointment or check up.

We’ll carefully listen to your unique concerns, discuss a personalized treatment plan and share better ways to improve your health and comfort, both in and out of the office! We focus our care on treatments that support your dental health in a relaxing atmosphere.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Every day we strive to create caring and pleasant memories for each of our patients, younger and older, and to build a foundation of better dental health and trust. At your child’s first exam Dr. Yap or Dr. Chen will be the comforting, friendly face your child will be excited to see on their next visit.

During their pediatric dental exam, Dr. Yap or Dr. Chen will monitor your child’s formative years of dental health to predict changes in both their dental health and to minimize the need for larger or more complex treatments down the line. Our goal is to help your child laugh and smile through their six month cleaning and exam and look forward to coming to visit us!


When To Schedule Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Dentists nationwide will agree that your child’s first dental appointment should occur within six months of the eruption of their first baby tooth. So if you’ve been experiencing late nights or early mornings as your red-faced baby begins to teeth, it might be time to schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist. Don’t be fooled when baby teeth fall out and new teeth come in!

Your child’s first set of teeth often defines how his or her dental health will be affected over time. With regular visits to the dentist early on, your child’s oral health is monitored in its earlier stages to support better overall health over time.




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