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Dr. Yap and his team bring you their perspective on dentistry, wellness, and health!
Are Blood Pressure and Dentistry Related?

Are Blood Pressure and Dentistry Related?

Blood pressure plays a large role in how your dental visit will play out. Blood pressure readings are important in determining the type of local anesthetic chosen for your dental injection. If high blood pressure (hypertension) is detected, your dental professional...

Happy National Pet Month!

Happy National Pet Month!

We love our pets! The list of fur-babies that belong to our staff range from senior dogs to young troublemakers. Some have cats, some have dogs, and others are just avid pet lovers! We know a lot of our patients have an affinity for their pets too. So don’t be ashamed...

May 10 is Root Canal Day

May 10 is Root Canal Day to draw attention to a procedure that can help many patients save their natural teeth and reduce decay of the tooth. Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save...




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