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Ortho-Tain® Early Non-Braces Treatment – Is it right for your child?

orthotain clear guardOrtho-Tain® Straightens Teeth Without Braces and worn mostly at night

As we examined your child’s bite at his/her last dental exam, it’s time to consider whether Ortho-Tain Early Non-Braces Orthodontic treatment is right for him/her. 

Ortho-Tain® offers doctors and patients the most advanced orthodontic treatment available today to straighten teeth without braces. More than 2 million satisfied clients ranging from children to adults, have used Ortho-Tain® to straighten their teeth without braces quickly and invisibly! 

Ortho-Tain® appliances are the only removable orthodontic appliance approved by the FDA to correct both functional and aesthetic problems for a beautiful Class I Occlusion – in other words, a great, healthy smile. This includes but is not limited to: treating overbite, overjet (known as buck teeth), crowding, spacing, TMJ disorders and malocclusion.

What will our advanced orthodontics do for you?

  • Straighten teeth with an Ortho-Tain Appliance for the 5-7 year olds in months, with passive nighttime wear while sleeping, guiding the growth of permanent teeth into alignment. Occlus-o-Guide® for the 8-12 year old treatment lasts 4-10 months. Gently straighten teeth without braces and the discomfort of wires and bands.
  • Allows you to enjoy everyday activities, your favorite meals, and maintain excellent oral health.
  • Correct overbite, overjet, rotation, crowding, spacing, and align the joints for TMJ treatment.
  • Provide a healthy, attractive smile that naturally resists relapse for years to come!
  • Put advanced orthodontics affordably in your reach at about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of braces or even the cost of Invisalign.
  • Enhance the smiles of Children of the mixed dentition age group (between 7-12), and children as young as age 5.

What does the Ortho-Tain Treatment entail in our office?

  • Once your child is an established patient in our office and gets cleanings every 6 months to ensure there are no cavities and gingivitis, we will take the necessary x-rays of the adult teeth.
  • We’ll take a few photos with our digital camera at their first visit and subsequent visits to monitor tooth movement progress.
  • Sometimes impressions will need to be taken of their upper and lower teeth. 
  • We’ll take Measurements of their bite and teeth with a probe and with a special pink ruler to size the appliance and monitor movement.
  • Dr. Yap will select the appropriate size of the appliance to begin treatment. 
  • Instructions for at-home use will be given to the patient and parent
  • Dr. Yap will check the appliance fit and tooth movement progress at each 6 month cleaning visit.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to thin a few baby teeth to create more space with a high-speed diamond bur.      

What does Ortho-Tain Treatment entail at Home?

  • The patient will brush and floss before going to bed. 
  • The Ortho-Tain Appliance will be worn every night while your child is sleeping for a couple of years as the appliance guides the adult teeth into the proper position as they erupt into the mouth until about age 12 years old. 
  • If there is crowding, it may be necessary for the patient to actively bite into the appliance for 2-4 hours a day, in addition to nighttime wear.   

Why does Dr. Yap believe that Ortho-Tain is a very good treatment for your child?

Dr. Yap had crooked teeth as a child and went through 3.5 years of traditional orthodontic treament as a teenager. Once his first child was born, he began doing extensive research on early orthodontic treatment and has tried utilizing many alternative techniques to treat kids while they are still growing. In 2013, Dr. Yap met Dr. Earl Bergersen, the inventor of Ortho-Tain, and learned about the Ortho-Tain technique, which has been around since 1968, through the DVD and 8-hour lecture course given by Dr. Bergersen himself. Dr. Yap has been an Ortho-Tain provider since 2013 and has started and monitored well over 40 cases. Over 80% of the cases have yielded excellent results where some patients won’t need braces at all, and others don’t need traditional braces and can have simple Invisalign treatment with the orthodontist. For the cases, that were not successful, it was due to lack of using the appliance, lack of cooperation, or the teeth grew into the mouth too slowly. In Dr. Yap’s professional opinion, even though this technique is not taught in dental school and very few dentists utilize it, it is an affordable, simple, cosmetic, and practical technique for growing children. Dr. Yap is using this technique on his own kids and recommends it to many children of his family and friends. 

Factors to consider if your child is a good candidate for Ortho-Tain:

  • Your child is good at following directions and is generally good at accomplishing daily tasks like brushing and flossing, homework, and chores.
  • Your child notices that their teeth are crooked and are motivated to make their smile look better
  • They have been told by an Orthodontist that they have to wait until they are older to begin traditional Braces treatment
  • Your child has siblings that they have seen use the Orthotain Appliance already. 
  • Your child spends time with at least one parent daily that can help remind them to use the appliance during the day for 2-4 hours and to wear it at night.  

Are you ready to help your child get started with OrthoTain? 

  • Call our office at 714-828-6684 and we can make an appointment for your child and check your orthodontic coverage on your dental insurance. 
  • If your child is willing to wear the appliance, the treatment will be successful and there’s a high reward of not needing braces. If the treatment does not work out, they will still have time to get traditional orthodontic treatment as a teenager.